Listed Size (Approximate) - 11" x 14"


Ikki Matsumoto is a world renowned artist that lives in SW Florida. He has been capturing the beautiful Florida birds since 1975. His most famous work can be found in the 1975 Edition of "The Joy of Cooking". He also has an Egg in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. He was invited to paint the egg by Nancy Reagan while her husband serviced as President.


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  • Giclee has advantages and disadvantages. Giclee printing does not require the artist to print the edition all at one time and can order a few prints as needed this preserves the quality of the artwork along with saving on space in the Artist’s studio. The downfall to this is that the prints are no longer hand signed by the artist after they have passed. We do an artist estate signature (stamped) on each Giclee with an updated Chop (Japanese stamp) to signify that these were printed after his death. We will still be handwriting the titles of the prints, but will no longer be numbering. We are closing out the numbered editions that are already printed. If you have previously purchased one of his Giclees and are wondering how many were actually printed in the numbered edition, please feel free to send us an email and we can give you that number.

    Since we order Giclees as needed, we can now offer multiple sizes and material. You will have a choice of either 100% rag watercolor paper or poly/cotton artist canvas. If you knew anything about Ikki you would who he was anything but standard and this is shown in his artwork; the quality, the lines, and right down to the sizes of the images. My father was one of those people that didn’t like to conform to standards, so you will probably never find one of his pieces in a standard size. That being said the sizes we offer will be approximately standard sizes.

    Sizes available: (approximate)

    Small: 11” x 14” - $200

    Middle: 16” x 20” - $300

    Large: 20” x 30” - $500

    We can print larger, but that will be by special request and will require a quote. Please email us for more information.


  • All domestic US shipping will be $12 per tube. We can put up to 3 pieces of artwork in each tube safely. If you are ordering artwork larger than the standard sizes we will have to send you a quote.

    International sales are available. Please contact us for shipping quotes. We will require your mailing address to give you an accurate quote.