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Captivated: "What are the stickers for?"

I was chatting with someone the other day and I asked if her book had 2 gold stickers on the front. I was sending her a package and I figured I could include them in her package. She said she wasn't sure, but that she was one of the first to buy a book, so I knew she didn't have those stickers. Then she asked another important question, "What are the stickers for?" I gave her a quick answer and said, "I guess I know what my next blog will be about."

NOTE: I came back here to make this notion when I realized I was telling a bigger story then just "what are the stickers?" So, if you want to skip the book story and skip right to the stickers explanation, then scroll down to you see the big red word "Sticker," otherwise continue reading to hear the long version.

I'm just going to start a little before the beginning of the book's story.

Here's the time line:

Dec 31, 2013 Dad dies

July 19, 2015: I marry my best friend from high school and move to ft Lauderdale

End of Oct 2015: Mom gets diagnosed with liver cancer. If you knew her you know she wasn't a drinker, but cancer is an asshole and does not discriminate.

I moved in with Mom to help and my new husband went from bachelor to single dad. Mom was NOT interested in chemo, so we went to Moffitt and MDAnderson for second and third opinions and they all agreed... Chemo. Finally, in April 2016 Mom started chemo and a clinical study. She did 2 rounds of chemo and went into remission. Thank God. Mom has always had the dream to go to Africa to see the animals and after surviving the chemo, she and and brother, Tai went on a 10 day trip in October 2016.

And in Jan 2017, we took a 8 day trip to Oaxaca, Oaxaca. This is one of our favorite places I've ever been. We went to:

And we even went horseback riding in the foothills outside of town.