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Lee Memorial Pediatric Wing Commissioned Art

Before Health Park Hospital broke ground in 1988, Lee Memorial had a Pediatric wing at its Cleveland Avenue Campus. They commissioned my father to paint several simple and humorous pieces to be repainted as murals on their updated Pediatric wing. Side note, a friend of mine from school, Sean McLaughlin, painted the murals. The following Edison Pageant of Lights Parade, Lee Memorial built a float inspired by the artwork from their new Pediatrics wing. They asked my dad to ride on the float, but he kindly declined and offered me as a substitute, so I rode the float and waved. The float won the Grand Marshall Award that year. Once Health Park opened its doors in 1991, the wing at the Cleveland Campus was repurposed and the walls painted over. The original paintings are still part of the Lee Memorial Hospital Art Collection. Still, the only way you get to see them is if you have a child who attends the Lee Memorial Pre-School, which sits behind Edison Park Elementary in Downtown Fort Myers. I happened to know that they were there because I worked there for a short time when my son, Christopher, was born. I went by there about a year ago and photographed the pieces so I could share them with everyone.