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Holy Crap! I'm Blogging...

Hi, my name is Amy Matsumoto and I am the daughter of Ikki and Polly. I will assume you know who they are, since you are on my father's website. My mother left me with the responsibility and honor of carrying on my father's legacy after her passing in March of 2019. I have been involved with my father's artwork, since I was a little girl. You may remember me as...

Yep. That's me - in the swing.

I'm going to share some old family pictures (sorry they aren't great) and I'm going to share some stories (the way I remember them, so bare in mind this blog is subject to my memory, but I hope you enjoy my stories and pictures. My memories start when we moved to the farm between 1970-72. It was a 48 acre piece of land with a wooden house, metal barn, and an old flag-stone pump house on Adams Rd in Loveland Ohio. In short work, my parents transformed this piece of Ohio into a our home. My father worked in downtown Cincinnati at advertising agency before he ended up building a studio at home on the farm.

Studio on left. Front 3 windows on first floor from left to right: Bin's room, My room, and Tai's room. Mom and Dad's bedroom upstairs.

We would ice skate on our pond when it was frozen and then drink hot chocolate to warm ourselves beside a hot crackling fire. We came to Florida in the snow-covered truck pulling the red Hobie Cat.

Dad's studio at golden hour with my brother Tai on the balcony.

This is a picture of the farm from the backside. The house is on the left with the stone pump house and dad's studio is the slated roof beside The big tree with my swing. You know, the one from the beginning of this blog.

Many of you may not be interested in this phase of our lives, but as I know my parents - It all started here.

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